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Wordpress website designer in CornwallI specialise in WordPress websites. it’s an open-source platform which means that web developers can contribute their code to make specific functions work, a contact form, a search or calculation function for example. I’ve been working with WordPress for around 10 years, manage over 20 websites and I know the platform inside out.

A good website is essential for any business, but trying to build one yourself can be too time-consuming. You can search the web and be lead into thinking that it is easy to create your perfect website, so many website services will tell you this, but it’s really not. And even if you go for a template which looks like it fits what you need, you will quickly find you get stuck with not being able to get a logo that’s right, images that are right, or look so bland they won’t comminicate to anyone what you really do.

A good professional business website used to be quite an expensive investment for a business, but it’s relatively less so now. Many web companies offering bespoke websites have been superceded by WordPress doing much the same thing at a fraction of the price. It’s a bit like trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s not worth creating your own code from scratch. Much of the tricky coding work has been done so why not use it. The tricky part is getting your own, unique appearance. This is where graphic design and photography are sought-after skills and why it’s very important to be able to integrate these with web skills.

We’ve come a long way in the last few years, and so has Google and other search engines.

Communication is key

Google alters it’s algorithms up to 8 times a day, this means that it’s really important to understand how your website is evaluated by Google so that you can get the best out of ranking opportunities.  Basically it’s really important to say what you really do, show what you really do. This is where I come in and save your day. I’m a skilled comminicator. I will listen to what you’re trying to do. I will work out ways this can be communicated, effectively. I’m a problem solver, all designers are. We work out how to say what you mean, without words. They say a picture says a thousand words, well this is true, but a good branding design, or logo says 50,000 words.

Five key facts for website success:

  • Choose a domain name that says what you do
  • Know what area of the world you want to get custom
  • Hire a great web designer
  • Great photography and graphics
  • Well written text which includes key words and phrases

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Websites I have designed and built: