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Exhibition material for borwell

Exhibition material for borwell

A long-standing client of mine, I was delighted to be asked to revamp borwell’s display material. As a very proactive company and visit many international shows. It’s an honour to be part of the team and help them communicate their services to their market.


Photography for Chess plastics

Photography for Chess plastics

photography worcestershire events

New logos in prep for Brexit?

Although many of us don’t really know how Brexit will affect our businesses, some of my clients who deal day to day with international transactions do have some idea about the problems that may lie ahead. In preparation for this some of my clients are opening up an office base in Dublin in Ireland for accounting purposes, as Dublin will be in the EU and yet the border in Northern Ireland will still be open. At least this is what I’m guessing, though I’m not sure at all how it works if I’m honest – who does?!

Anyway, one example of my work is for Therismos. I designed their logo about 10 years ago and last week they requested a version for their Ireland office. Here are the versions below.

Social media photography, Sally Farm Yorkshire

Social media photography, Sally Farm Yorkshire

Adam Henson, Phil Mole

A visit up to Sally Farm in Yorkshire to the open day organised by Vencomatic in partnership with Alt-Energi. The purpose of this open day was to show farms, suppliers and the local community and the public the real workings of a poultry farm. The welfare of the birds is of paramount importance and the technologies developed by Vencomatic and Alt-Energi were on display to help educate people about how their products help to do this.

Countryfile presenter Adam Henson was present and made a great speech about the technologies developing and how important it is to communicate this to the public to make everyone informed and involved.

My role in this is to cover the events, take photos, write press releases and work with the team at Alt-Energi and Vencomatic to them get their message across.

I’m looking forward to covering the filming of Countryfile at Sally Farm in the next coming months, where they will feature the renewable energy technology.

Alt-Energi : Logo, branding, website, marketing

Alt-Energi-logoAlt-Energi is a brand new renewable energy company based in Worcester. I have been working with the directors over the last twelve months to create the branding and website for the business. It’s been extremely interesting to visit their installations and watch the builds in progress, as renewable energy is such an exciting area of development for both commercial and domestic energy provision for the future. I also took the photographs for their website.


Understanding the product thoroughly is always the best starting point to be able to create effective graphic design and web communications. I really enjoy getting to know how it works and then making it ‘visual’ for everyone else to take in and understand.

View their website:


Logo design for a BBC presenter!!

Logo design for a BBC presenter!!

It’s been a pleasure and an honour to design a logo, brochure and website for Pat Murphy, renowned football and cricket commentator.

I’ve also built a website for Pat, check it out at

Here are some pics of my work:

GDPR – let’s all get it sorted!

preparing-for-the-gdprOkay so it’s everywhere you look at the moment and lots of people like me running a small business are probably quietly wondering what they need to do. As I maintain lots of my customer’s websites, I think it’s good practice if I advise them to send me their Privacy Policy so that I can upload onto their website for them. The last couple of months I’ve been personally emailing all my web customers to advise them of this free upload service I’m offering. I’m also giving them a link to the Information Commissions Office – the Government department which is the source of GDPR. Here’s a link: preparing-for-the-gdpr-12-steps

If you have a website but don’t know how to upload your Privacy Notice, give me a shout and I’ll do for you for free. You just need to give me the access details (I can help you find if you don’t know where to start).

If you need help to write your Privacy Notice, I can recommend Aspire Business Partnership to help you. Aspire are a long-standing client of mine (I created there logo and branding), and they are offering courses in GDPR regularly over the coming weeks and months to help business get this regulation on track. I helped them with a flyer to promote these courses, download here Aspire-GDPR-Courses

New Year, New Business!

Logo & Branding for your new business idea.

It’s the time of year we all like to take a look at what we’re doing , where we’re at and what we want to achieve this coming year. If 2018 feels a good year to get your business started, or your product idea launched, I could be one of your vital stepping stones to making it happen.

I am often asked by people who have an inkling of a business idea to help them shape up the concept into a working platform on which to start to grow. As well as the creative logo and branding side of things, I have wide experience in all aspects of starting a business. Not least my own business has taught me a great deal about how to thrive and stay afloat, but I have worked with over 150 businesses to help them get started too.

A firm foot on the ground is the most important thing when starting out. As well as having your idea, it’s important financially not to leap too far at the start, but to keep things small, try things out without investing too much, find out what works, what doesn’t and be prepared to make changes along the way to find your way to success.

I am happy to talk through what you want to do before you need to make any commitment for me to help. give me a call on 07801 030938, or drop me an email on

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Attracting customers to buy invoicing software

Attracting customers to buy invoicing software

This was a great little illustration project for a ‘header’ for Sliq Tools Invoicing, one of the best online invoicing Apps on the market today. The team at Sliq wanted to compete better in this highly competitive market with some enticing graphics to sum up who they are aiming at, via their website.
With all websites needing to work effectively responsively, it’s a challenge to make an illustration work on a small phone screen, a tablet and a desktop, all at the same time.
I decided to create contemporary-styled cartoon figures of the core market sectors the product is aimed at. By making them all happy, smiley and up-beat, I hope I have managed to convey excitement and interest for this highly ingenious product, essentially one of the most important functions in anyone’s business – but also invoicing is exceeding boring to most people!
You can see my work in action at


After the success of this online version I created a second version, slightly different for Sliq’s old desktop invoicing software. Have a look at this version here

Going that extra mile…

Going that extra mile…

A little logo design help for the way-mark signs which mark the Shropshire Way, a popular circular walking route around the county of Shropshire. My mother, a keen rambler based in Shrewsbury and actively involved in making the Shropshire Way a great route for walkers, approached me to help improve the old way-mark. This is a little circular sign which is attached to posts around the routes and needs to clearly indicate the direction to walk.

Here’s some images of the before and after and signs in situ, and my design which helped the design process along the way!

My Mum!

My design with yellow background was changed to orange and more detail was added to the buzzard.

The footpath signs showing old design and new design.