GDPR – let’s all get it sorted!

preparing-for-the-gdprOkay so it’s everywhere you look at the moment and lots of people like me running a small business are probably quietly wondering what they need to do. As I maintain lots of my customer’s websites, I think it’s good practice if I advise them to send me their Privacy Policy so that I can upload onto their website for them. The last couple of months I’ve been personally emailing all my web customers to advise them of this free upload service I’m offering. I’m also giving them a link to the Information Commissions Office – the Government department which is the source of GDPR. Here’s a link: preparing-for-the-gdpr-12-steps

If you have a website but don’t know how to upload your Privacy Notice, give me a shout and I’ll do for you for free. You just need to give me the access details (I can help you find if you don’t know where to start).

If you need help to write your Privacy Notice, I can recommend Aspire Business Partnership to help you. Aspire are a long-standing client of mine (I created there logo and branding), and they are offering courses in GDPR regularly over the coming weeks and months to help business get this regulation on track. I helped them with a flyer to promote these courses, download here Aspire-GDPR-Courses