Creation of a good logo design will give your customers confidence in your business and the products and services you offer. We are all more visually literate than ever, and a professionally designed logo and branding is important if you want to a competitive edge. By investing in professional design, you will reap the rewards later on. Your branding will be strong and stand the test of time. It will work where you need branding, whether on stationery, signage or a shirt, and will differentiate you from your customers effectively and confidently.

The key to a successful logo is having a unique, easily recognisable, and memorable logo or mark, which also has some visual link – whether literally or subconsciously, with the the type of business you are representing. You need a professional designer to create this for you.

At Jo Menhinick Design based in Worcester we have honed our skills over many years in the graphics industry. We are proud to have launched many local and national businesses and organisations on a path to success with effective logos, branding solutions, creative identities and marketing material. Our New Business Start-up pack is our top-selling product and has given many businesses and excellent starting point for their new venture. See testimonials from our clients about our work.

A Selection of Logos designs