Illustration for logo design, technical product diagrams, information graphics, maps and signage

Bredon school map design and artwork

Botanical or conceptual sketches for an advertising campaign – it’s all a pleasure

Live Inn Whitbourne | Illustration

2D, 3D, Drawings on paper, tablet or screen…


Often a client consultation is accompanied by lots of blank paper and sketching out ideas. It’s the quickest way to get ideas down and discuss if there’s any value in them, or not as the case may be. It’s a handy tool in presentations too; people love to watch me draw in front of them.

With the vast majority of businesses still using online ‘library’ images, there’s huge value in the original artwork crafted for a company to use for their own promotion. So illustration at Jo Menhinick Design is supplied both as a means to communicate conceptually and, as an end product.

There are many examples below of projects using my illustration skills. These range from logo designs which started of as a swish of a brush dipped in ink, and then scanned and worked on to create vector artwork, to delicate watercolour sketches to lighten up text. There are also many examples of highly technical diagrammatic illustration. Sometimes these started as CAD DWG files supplied by an engineering client, and then imported into our design software to create a more ‘customer friendly’ version for publicity use.

More recently we have been asked to animate technical diagrams, great fun and can be seen here below:animated-diagram-process


85% of our customers who buy our New Business Start-up Pack, also ask us to design their website, and print their brochure too.