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“We will always talk to you personally, over the phone or by email. You won’t be blinded with jargon and long waits.

We have access to 24/7 web support, so we will always endeavour solve problems you ask us to, with any type of website you have.”







A Clean and simple approach to web design…

Website design Worcester
See this website above at to see how effective, engaging and responsive it is.
How many web companies actually ask you, as a customer, are trying to achieve from the outset? We feel this the most important thing to know. Why? because if we know what you’re trying to do, we can then offer the best solution to you, without confusing you with a mountain of info you don’t need.

  • Our websites are engaging
  • Our websites communicate well
  • Our websites are built for maximum optimisation
  • Our websites are Responsive (they work on tablets, phones as well as laptops and pcs).
  • We are first to say we prefer to work with small-medium businesses and start-ups. Why? Because we have proactively decided to stay a small enterprise ourselves, and as such, we don’t take on very large web design projects.

    Because as a company we specialise in New Business Start-up Packages, our web services suit this scenario, providing a web platform on which to develop and build over time.

    Our web fees are attractive to small to medium business because we are highly competitive and don’t break the bank. Typically, a website designed and built here, will cost between £1200.00+vat to £4000.00+vat budget. Every web project is different and costs are calculated individually to our client’s needs and budget. As we generally have a deeper and wider understanding of web than our clients, we are able to provide consultation to assess and discuss requirements personally before any commitment is made. Website technology, Apps and interactivity is continually changing as so we advise our customers at the outset that their website will need to be kept up to date in order is search engine optimisation is important to them. But not all businesses need a ‘page 1 on Google’ presence, some just need a professional-looking page for people to refer to. On the other hand if SEO is an important consideration, we can advise on what we think is the best route. As it is important for our business to be on ‘Page 1 on Google’, we have learnt over the years the best way to achieve this.
    Here’s a few more links to websites we have designed and that we maintain:

    As experienced, talented designers, technically adept as well, we can make websites communicate very effectively through a clever mixture of creativity, technical know-how, and a thorough understanding of our customer’s needs.

    We specialise in personal, engaging websites, that give your company an excellent, professional ‘shop window’, but also don’t hide behind a mask of ‘we’re so flashy we’re won’t really tell you what we do’. Our company ethos is to provide creative, effective, honest communication to help businesses thrive in a competitive market place.
    A website is not like a brochure…

    A brochure is designed and printed, the client pays a fee and then every year perhaps they ask for a revamp and update. A WordPress website is designed and built and then is ready to run. It’s a bit like putting a brand new car on the road. It is increasingly important to keep all the various pieces of software that run behind the scenes up to date, and backed up, should anything go wrong, after all similarly to a vehicle, you’ve got to keep it well maintained and checked over to keep it on the road.
    We specialise in WordPress websites, which are ‘Open Source’. Open Source means that the platform the websites run on; WordPress is open for web developers to write extra pieces of software called Plugins, which can be loaded to the site and perform all kinds of functionality to a website. For example a type of Contact Form or a type of Social Media news feed. Plugins can perform complex calculations – shopping carts, practically anything imaginable! They all need to be treated carefully, researched thoroughly, and updated regularly.

    It’s important to have a web presence in practically every type of business today. It’s also very important to have a website that meets Google’s requirements. Most importantly websites need to be responsive, ie work well on phones and tablets,  if your website does not then your ranking is lowered.

    For many new or small to medium businesses I recommend a WordPress website using a highly responsive and fast theme. Here’s a couple of sites built here recently which show this type of website in action.


    “Interestingly, around 85% of our customers who buy our New Business Start-up Pack, also ask us to design and build their website too.”