Sliq Tools approached me to design and illustrate a header for their website header for their online invoicing App. The illustration needed to work responsively, ie. work equally well when viewed on a phone, tablet or desktop screen.
I created contemporary-styled cartoon figures representing the core market sectors this product is aimed at. By making them all happy, smiley and up-beat, I hope I have managed to convey excitement and interest for this truly brilliant piece of software.

This highly ingenious product performs with ease and flexibility one of the most essential functions in anyone’s business. Invoicing is sometimes perceived as exceeding boring, and most websites out there selling invoicing software are dry and boring. Hopefully my work for Sliq Tools will give them the edge over many of their competitors.
You can see my work in action at
I think you may be able to download and try the software for free.

Illustration for invoicing software-worcester