WaterColourRandom watercolour-banner I Love working with watercolour, its a very tricky medium to master as it’s unforgiving if you make a mistake. But once you get confident with watercolours they are beautiful way to communicate in a gentle but powerful, colourful way. Nothing quite matches watercolours on Mac software (yet), and I do love all the new Mac drawing Apps too, but watercolours, because you’re using very pure pigments and watercolour paper, you get a unique result, as yet unmatched by computer software. I use Chinese pigments as Windsor & Newton although very good and long-lasting and light-stable, they sometimes don’t have the vibrancy of the Chinese colours. The Chinese pigments I use are also very light-stable. This stands to reason if you think about Chinese artwork generally, it is very bright and garish sometimes. As a designer and artist this feature can be utilised to it’s full potential for creating the brightness.
The great technical thing about using watercolour on paper, is that if you’re creating artwork for web or anything online (not printing), you can retain the integrity of the pure pigment because the camera or scanner captures the image as light (RGB), and so there’s no need to separate down to CMYK for printing. The end result can be as vibrant as the original as perceived on the paper to begin with.