Sometimes mechanical processes are best explained through an animated diagram. This is just what proaqua asked us to do, to help explain their Sludge Removal Process, a process used frequently in automotive spray-paint workshops. We decided to create an animated gif file as this is best placed to work cross-platform as there’s no need for Flash plugins or any other ‘help make me work’ software.
We created the original diagram in Illustrator, this is so that when we reproduce for graphic design for printing or exhibition work, the illustration will be pin-sharp and will work at any size.
The resulting animation was tweaked for various details within the workings and the two resulting files can be seen here with their subtle differences.
The beauty of the humble gif format means it works in PowerPoint too, so that’s an added bonus for the client if they can’t get wifi somewhere remote!

I could see this type of technical animation working well to illustrate many automated processes, perhaps in the food industry, plastic extrusion moulding, packaging, cleaning industries, and chemical process industries.

Sludge Removal Process4