Logo Designs Worcester

A selection of logos designed for businesses and organisations in Worcester…

We’ve designed many logos and branding schemes for local companies and organisations. From schools,  carpenters, financial institutions, shops, therapy centres, cold storage builders, IT software suppliers, we’ve applied the same sound design principles to create unique identities for them all.  It’s great to see so many of our designs are still in action ten years on. The key to a longevity in a logo design is down to a few major points:

• A sound creative concept – something that sums up the company in a simple mark or symbol

• A memorable design – maybe eye-catching, something that teases the brain with a visual trick

• A Professionally drawn-up design – nothing amateur will cut the mustard!

• Good typography – the way the icon or symbol works with the lettering is very important

Nearly all the logo designs you see above utilised our New Business Start-up Pack service which set them up with everything they needed to start off their company on the right foot. If you’d like to see our logo designs live in action, click on these links:
St Paul’s Hostel
Red Hill School

And here are some logo’s we’ve designed for companies further afield throughout the UK: