What can we do for you at Jo Menhinick Design?

Firstly we’ll answer the phone personally and listen to you. You may not know exactly what you’re looking for, but need a bit of an insight into how professional design could help you. I’ll talk about what we do and the creative process. Maybe you know you need a logo, have had a go yourself, tried an online provider but haven’t quite got what you were seeking. Or perhaps you’re looking for an effective, professional, highly technical brochure and your existing Word Doc or Powerpoint just doesn’t ‘cut the mustard’ when up against your competitors – how did they do it?

Our services are broad in terms of creative skills, we’ve been in business a long time, learnt to adapt continually to keep things fresh and respond to new developments in technology and communication. But still, our raw creative talent underpin everything we do, even though we don’t really like to sing about it. This is really what makes us successful.

Communication is what we’re good at and we embrace and enhance all methods. Even pigeon post and telepathy. After all, happiness and success in business rely on good communication. Great design puts across the right kind of vibes – this is what we know how to create.

Excellent design is about good communication…

This starts with good design and copywriting. Jo Menhinick Design provide a bespoke, high quality service by listening carefully to our customers’ needs. Our highly experienced team adapt and apply their skills whether for graphic design, web or print, or simply just giving advice on what to do next to help our customers sustain or grow their businesses.

JMD provide strategic, integrated marketing solutions

– sounds like jargon but really just means we have the expertise to resolve all your design and communication problems. We’re a great team to work with; we will deliver your creative design and marketing services with professionalism and a friendly approach.

So, take a look at these examples of our work, browse the portfolio, read what people say about us, and get in touch.

Whether you need just a simple web presence, an online shop or extensive product information online, we can design and manage the right website for you. We’ll keep things simple and you will be able to edit your own site as much or as little as you want to.

Here’s a brief outline of our services…
Graphic Design

We design anything graphic, from large visual displays with great impact, covering buildings, or down to the tiniest little feature, even the shape of a comma, yes a comma, we will design the best. Graphic Design basically covers imagery and typography, both separately and intertwined beautifully. Imagery is created here by numerous methods including: • Illustration • Photography  •  Painting  •  Photoshop  •  Illustrator  •  The Adobe Creative Suite programs

Logos and Branding Design

We design and create logos from scratch. After establishing a creative brief, we provide our customers with a range of initial designs. We progress our work to a final design solution with consultation with the customer throughout the process. For more information on our Logo and Branding Services click here.


New Business Start-up Pack

This is a very popular product for anyone setting up an new company. We have a range of items we include and this is often tailored to our customers specific requirements. For more information on our New Business Start-up Pack click here.







Brochures and Flyers

Professional, creative literature instantly makes your business or service stand apart from your competitors. Combine this with good quality printing and you will leave good, lasting impression. And of course it is a tangible product compared to browsing the web, although of course all the printed brochures we design can be formatted for upload to websites too. For more information on our Brochure and Flyers design service click here.

Exhibition and Display

pop-up-displayexhibition-design-worcesterWe have a full range of display products we can apply the graphics we create to. These vary from pop-up roller banners, to all-in-one curved mini exhibition stands with tables that contain the graphics for transit. Think of your exhibition display as a large advertisement for what you’re trying to promote. Our display items can be tailored to your particular event, or created as a timeless promotional tool which you can use over and over again. For more information on our Display and Exhibition design service click here.

Press Advertisements

We’re often asked to design press advertisements for our existing customers to help them promote a product or service through the associated trade or local press. And sometimes new customers try us out with an initial small press advertisement, just to see how we work. It’s a special skill to create an effective press ad and good ones always stand out from the crowd. For more information on our press advertisement design and artwork service click here.


WordPress is the main platform we work with, although we are happy to edit your existing html site or website. Dreamweaver, Filezilla and other ftp software is used to access your site. We back-up all our WordPress websites on our cloud hosting (DropBox). For more information on our website design and build service click here.



We have our own in-house facilities for many types of illustration and often stop work occasionally to just draw freely to keep those base skills tip top. We are equally happy to draw on ipad or computer too and love to explore all the new drawing Apps there are. All the logo work entailing drawing is vectorised here using Adobe Illustrator, so that the design can be enlarged infinitely and stay sharp as a pin. We have a cupboard dedicated to artist’s materials, so there’s pencils of all grades, charcoal, soft pastels, water colours (Jo’s personal favourite), oil paints, and spray cans for ‘Banksy’ type artworks. For more information on our illustration services click here.






social-media-photographyWe use a Nikon D3100, and an ipad mini, and an iphone 6S Plus for taking our photographs. We also hire other professional photographers when needed for studio work.  Increasingly popular are requests for social media photography of either day-to-day office shots, or industrial, manufacturing equipment in action.