Your product is your hero!

How many times have customers said to me that their product is boring? It seems that sometimes the marketing departments in industrial and manufacturing companies are almost embarrassed about their products. The engineers who design and make the products in these companies are not embarrassed, they’re very proud of what they’ve created, and rightly so. The engineers are the unsung heros of our high tech worlds. Because we are so visually aware and bombarded with the slick side of fashion, technology and a label-driven consumer environment, we tend to regard the ‘nut and bolts’ which keep everything ticking along nicely, as boring and nobody’s concern. But, but, but! All the ‘nut and bolts’ are very important to help those big big organisations and businesses work, and the companies that make them have to compete against each other to win the contracts, improve the products etc. So this if where good marketing and communication come in and make a difference. And this if where Jo Menhinick Design have carved a niche over the years we’ve been in business. Creative, professional design, can communicate, market and promote the most boring product very effectively. We understand how to make your ‘boring’ product or service look GREAT! If you don’t believe us, challenge us and we’ll prove it.

Industrial manufacturing products