Get a new business started in Lockdown

logo and website designer in WorcesterIf you are thinking about starting a new business, and let’s face it, many of us have had plenty of time to think lately, then one of the things that is foremost in your mind is getting a professional logo and branding presence out there from the start. This is where I am here to help!

I provide a logo, branding and website service

Any business starting out today needs to be able to communicate effectively through all types of media, website, apps, emails, social media, all the online tools we take for granted now. We also need to be able to send out professional quotations and invoices and all the follow-ups that are needed.

  • Getting your logo and branding right is very important if you’re going to communicate to your target market effectively.
  • You’ll need a creative designer who can listen to what your business is about and come up with creative, professional ideas, and, be able to put these into formats that work seemlessly on everything.
  • You can look for your logo solution online, but with my services you’ll speak to me from the outset and will get a creative, personal and professional service.
  • You can look for a DIY website solution, many promise simplicity and can do everythung, but the reality is, it’s a real headache for you.

Take a look at my New Business Startup Pack this shows you what my service includes in more detail.

This is the design and website process:

  1. You’ll probably fill in my contact form, send me a text or pick up the phone. We will have a chat about your ideas and ambitions. I’ll ask you questions about who you are going to target with your products or services.
  2. I’ll get together a brief, this is for my benefit and yours so that we both know and agree on what you’re seeking from the start. It will also show I understand what you want, even though you don’t have it yet.
  3. We will agree my fees; these are based on how long I think it’s going to take me to provide you with concepts and designs.
  4. If I’m building your website, this the stage I help you register your domain and arrange Hosting. I ususally recommend
  5. I work on the designs and then I email you a pdf, or we arrange to meet (if possible) and I present my work to you.
  6. We discuss the designs and progress to final design and artwork
  7. I build your website, often this includes a visit to your premises, lots of photography and probably graphics created by me too.

What happens next?

Your website is ready to go live, your business cards and stationery are done, and your ready for your launch party (if allowed). there’s many other aspects, not least Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but I can talk you through that.

Ongoing Support

Even when my job is done, I won’t leave you stranded, wondering if you need something else. I archive all my work, everything is backed up and I have all the designs I’ve created for over 20 years. It’s surprising how many customers continue to come back for help, even after they’ve left one job, started another. It’s always a pleasure to help people get their business off the ground, I love it. Whetehr it’s for a beauty salon or an industrial plast inject moulding company, I reslly enjoy it all. I can say I have visited all types of industroes, factories and shops, councils and hosptials over my career. Every job is different and I enjoy the challenge of a new brief.